Saline Valley Thanksgiving 2011

Saline Valley Thanksgiving 2011 was a good one. Every year for over a decade, I have been making the trek out to Saline Valley Warm Springs. It is a hell of a ride, but well worth it. I was introduced to this awesome place by my mother. The journey to the springs is long. Loretta … Read more

Saline Valley Thanksgiving 2010

Here are pics from our 2010 Saline Valley Thanksgiving adventure. I’m a little tardy in posting pictures from my yearly epic adventure to Saline Valley. But, better late than never. This year it was made all the more epic by making the trek with my then 4 month old son. We took him on his … Read more

Oakland Pregnancy Photos

My lovely partner, Loretta, and I are having a baby in a couple of weeks. Well, to be honest, she will be having the baby, my roll in the birth part of things is pretty easy compared with hers. We went to Cesar Chavez park and the Albany Bulb (dog walks) and took some pregnancy … Read more

A Wild Adventure in Morocco

Italy to Morocco We had a wild adventure in Morocco. When we arrived at the airport in Rome, we found that our ticket reservation to Marrakesh, Morocco had been cancelled. Begrudgingly, I paid a couple hundred dollars more for new tickets. I suppose I should have been thankful to have been able to buy tickets … Read more

Saline Valley Thanksgiving 2009

Saline Valley Thanksgiving 2009 was a good one. I met a bunch of Old Timers who I had heard of but never met in person. Went on some good hikes, and saw some crazy airplanes. I have been going to Saline Valley for the last 12 years. Last year was my first Thanksgiving there… I … Read more

Vancouver Vacation

After searching for my biological father for several years, in 2004, I hired a private investigator to find him. They did their job well, and I reached out to my father. It was a rough beginning. Really rough. I think I could write a book about it. But we are talking, and spending time together, … Read more