100 Images from 2021

100 Images from 2021

100 Images from 2020

2020 started off looking like it was going to be a great year for weddings. I had a bunch of fun weddings booked with couples who were planning unique celebrations. There would be so much great food, laughter, great stories, hugs, joy, and smiles shared with friends and family… 2020 was going to be rad. … Read more

100 Images from 2014

2014 was full of adventures, great people, and an awesome Bay Area wedding or two. I had people close to me die, watched friends bring babies into the world, and went on exciting adventures. In my personal and professional life, I strive to be better. I focus on the stuff that counts, stay open to … Read more

Zelda Turns One

My daughter, Zelda, turned one last month.  She was born at home, in our bathroom. She burst into our lives with so much sweetness and feistiness.  I was so astounded that she was a girl. I really thought we would be having a second boy.  A completely different creature than her brother, I am so … Read more