Oakland Baby Pics – Ellis

Here are some pics of my little Oakland baby, Mr. Ellis. I have totally fallen behind in my blog posting responsibilities… and I blame this cute little bundle. Here are some pics of the little guy in his day to day over the last few months.

Little little getting some breast milk.
His first visit to ELLIS Ace Hardware. We hope to make this a tradition.
Our tardy birth announcement photo shoot.
Exhausted parents, serious baby.
Sometimes you have to have a drink.
Just chillin’ with family.
The beast begins to eat solid food.
Learning to play smaller kids

Hanging with his buddy Brian
Spending quality time in his kung-fu outfit with auntie Jen.
Dreaming about the day when he will have a mustache just like his pappa.

Bath time in the kitchen sink with the best mommy ever.

Bath time in the bath tub with aforementioned best mommy ever.

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Oh he is just perfect! Thanks for sharing these pics! 😀

Tara Bodin
Tara Bodin

love love love these… thank you brother… these really just made me smile (i’m still smiling actually:)

Kelly Stonelake

Had to come look for myself! And what a cutie… loooove these!