Sweet Intimate San francisco Ina Coolbrith Park Elopement

Umrah and John’s Sweet Ina Coolbrith Elopement in San Francisco’s North Beach Prepared to be wooed by this super sweet, intimate Ina Coolbrith Park elopement. If you haven’t checked out Ina Coolbrith Park (I hadn’t until the other day), do yourself a favor and take a look. The views from the park are spectacular. It … Read more

Fun Battery Cranston Engagement in San Francisco

Krystal, David, and I went to Battery Cranston for some engagement pictures the other day. The day was a little overcast but warm. The funny thing is, that even on a warm day, when the wind comes in off the Pacific into the San Francisco Bay, it can be really cold. We chatted, drank a … Read more

100 Images From 2015

Here are 100 fun, interesting, goofy, unique wedding and engagement images from 2015. In the course of my work I have been all over the Bay Area. Here is a quick lowdown. The wedding I shot in the San Francisco Presidio was a blast. I loved the parade from the wedding chapel to the reception … Read more

Cal Academy Engagement

I met Lauren and Red at the Cal Academy for their engagement session. It was a little funny being there without a kid. It seems like the place where you either go as a kid or with a kid. But tapping into our inner child didn’t seem to be very difficult, and the Cal Academy … Read more