100 Images from 2014

2014 was full of adventures, great people, and an awesome Bay Area wedding or two. I had people close to me die, watched friends bring babies into the world, and went on exciting adventures. In my personal and professional life, I strive to be better. I focus on the stuff that counts, stay open to … Read more

Jewish Ramekins Culinary School Wedding

Here is a fun Jewish Ramekins Culinary School wedding for you today. Ramekins is a cute little venue in Sonoma with 6 suites, an outside patio, and inside reception space. The food they serve is excellent, and there are lots of places for all your guests to stay close by. Overall it is a pretty … Read more

Ramekins Culinary and General’s Daughter Wedding

Jill and Jonathan had their wedding at Ramekins Culinary School in Sonoma, and we did some portraits at the General’s Daughter next door. For a few days before Jill and Jonathan’s wedding, I had been hearing a funny sound coming from the engine of my 2002 Honda CRV.  Loretta questioned my decision to drive it … Read more

Cross Cultural Ramekins Culinary School Wedding

Priya and Eli had a rather non traditional cross cultural wedding at Ramekins Culinary School in Sonoma. There was no first dance, or cake cutting, or wedding party, and they got ready in the same room together. I was so stoked to be apart of Priya and Eli’s celebration. Their friends and family had a … Read more