Jewish Piedmont Community Hall Wedding

Miriam and Babak’s Piedmont Community Hall wedding was full of laughter, music, singing, and great dancing. Their community, friends, and families came together to create an energetic and vibrant Thursday wedding. The Piedmont Community Hall is a great low key venue. There are tons of trees around it, and it is very centrally located. My old friend, Aharon Wheel Bolsta, played music with his buddy, Eliyahu Sills, played during the ceremony.

I met Miriam and Babak in Sibley Park recently while walking with my family. I shot Sarah and Liam’s engagement session there at sunset on a Friday evening. It was too beautiful to not share with my family, so I took them there the next day. Loretta, Ellis, Zelda, Winnie, and I went there for a sunset hike, and on our way back to the car we started talking with Miriam. Our conversation somehow lead to photography, and to the fact that she was looking for someone to photograph her wedding in 12 days. Pretty funny. Sometimes we find the things we are looking for in unexpected places. We exchanged numbers. Twelve days later I found myself taking pictures of her fantastic wedding at the Piedmont Community Hall. Good times. Congrats you guys.

3 thoughts on “Jewish Piedmont Community Hall Wedding”

  1. MAGNIFIQUES photos!!!
    Quel bel album et quels bons souvenirs! Tout le monde semble bien s’être amusé.


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