Downtown and Port of Oakland Engagement

I met Lisa and Nick a few hours before sunset for their whirl wind downtown Oakland engagement session. We started out with some tasty beverages at the Commonwealth Cafe and Public House on Telegraph. If you haven’t been there for coffee, yummy eats, a drink, or to watch a soccer game – you are missing … Read more

Berkeley Engagement Session

Beth, Rob, and I decided to meet me at Comal in Berkeley for their engagement session. Comal is Mexican restaurant that just opened last week. We were all excited to try this new spot. Beth arrived dressed like a movie star with dark glasses, a cool blue jumper, and fancy shoes. Beth had the foresight … Read more

Tilden Park Engagement – the Berkeley Hills

Wendy and Shac brought hot chocolate, marshmallows, a blanket, and their dog Ernie to their Tilden Park engagement. Wendy is a school teacher, Shac is a computer guy. Their first date was a breakfast date followed by a trip to the flea market (my kind of date). We met at Lake Anza in Tilden Park, … Read more

Cal Academy Engagement

I met Lauren and Red at the Cal Academy for their engagement session. It was a little funny being there without a kid. It seems like the place where you either go as a kid or with a kid. But tapping into our inner child didn’t seem to be very difficult, and the Cal Academy … Read more

Tilden Park Engagement Session

When we arrived at the merry-go-round in Tilden park on Thursday, it turned out to be closed. We shrugged it off and had some fun anyway. Here are some pics from Robyn and Josh’s Tilden Park engagement session. Next time I’ll look at the merry-go-round schedule before planning a shoot there. Enjoy!

Berkeley Rose Garden Engagement

Pamela and Jimmy’s Rose Garden engagement session in Berkeley was so much fun. The ever changing weather forecast kept us wondering if we were going to get hit with rain or sunshine. Everything aligned, and we had a wonderful engagement session. We went to the Rose Gardens in Berkeley and then progressed down the hill … Read more

Erica and Alex’s Albany Bulb Engagement

Erica, Alex brought their dog, Tank, to their Albany Bulb engagement session. They also brought a couple of their friends for extra fun. We walked around the Albany Bulb and took engagement pictures in the old Albany dump turned art park. Erica and Alex were super fun and tackled the adventure like champs. I can’t … Read more

Windy Berkeley Marina Engagement

Two days after my son was born, Renee and Brian, for their windy Berkeley Marina engagement session. They brought their beach cruisers, a quilt, and wonderful smiles. So much love and fun exuding from these two. In the Berkeley Marina, we hit up Cesar Chavez Park, the Berkeley Pier, and some random sailboat in the … Read more

Fun Albany Bulb Engagement Session

Stacy and Ben and I had a super fun Albany Bulb engagement session. We started off in their back yard with a little tree climbing, and then went to the Albany Bulb. The Bulb, as some people call it, is behind the Golden Gate Fields Raceway. It is a cool spot with weird art installations, … Read more