Dunsmuir Estate Wedding in Oakland

The Dunsmuir Hellman Historic Estate in Oakland, CA is a sweet spot for a wedding. It features a large Victorian house, green lawns, and wooded areas close by. There are also several small buildings on the property for getting ready and stashing supplies. Ben and Stacey got ready off site in Oakland and then traveled to the Dunsmuir Estate for their wedding. Ben and a his groomsmen stopped off at a corner store for some last minute supplies.  Their Dunsmuir Estate wedding in Oakland last week was a total blast.

6 thoughts on “Dunsmuir Estate Wedding in Oakland”

    • Thanks Ashley. I missed working with you on so much I had to find another Ashley photographer to work with on this wedding. Your work is awesome. I hope you are loving Portland.

  1. So far I haven’t seen a photo I don’t want. What artistry-Thanks for all the thought and pleasure that went into these photos


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