A Rocking Berkeley City Club Wedding in November

S and M’s Rocking Dance Party / Wedding at Julia Morgan’s Berkeley City Club

S and M’s Berkeley City Club wedding was a great end to my November wedding calendar. They booked me at the beginning of 2020 to shoot their wedding at the end of that year. Like so many couples, they postponed their wedding to 2021 in hopes that Covid would be a distant memory by then. Unfortunately, Covid cares little for our plans, and they stuck with their 2021 date. They took sufficient precautions and threw an awesome party on the 2nd weekend in November. Because much of the festivities were happening after sunset and indoors, we made sure to make the most of the daylight hours we had.

Getting Ready at the Berkeley City Club

After some discussion, S and M agreed that getting ready at the Berkeley City Club would make things easier than getting ready offsite. S had a room on the 3rd floor and M was on the 4th. When I got to S’s room, she was getting her hair finished and makeup done. Several of her bridesmaids were doing their own makeup. The vibe was nice and mellow. When there was a lull in the getting ready, I went upstairs and checked on the guys. M and his crew were joking around and slowly getting their suits on. I love this time of the day.

First Look in the Courtyard and Portraits in the Library and Around the City Club

After S and M were dressed and ready we went down to the courtyard in the middle of the City Club for a quick first look. From there we went up to the library for family pictures. Because the library is fairly dark, I set up a couple of flashes to give me a little fill light. The result was quite excellent. The library in the Berkeley City Club is such a fantastic backdrop. After family pictures, we walked around the City Club and utilized the bit of daylight we had left before the ceremony for couple portraits.

Ceremony on the Terrace

One downside about November weddings (especially after the first Saturday) is that the sun sets really early. We knew that our daylight was limited and that the ceremony would be happening after dark. I moved my flashes in from the library and used them to light the terrace. The ceremony was super sweet. M might have cried a little.

Cocktails in the Library and Reception in the Venetian Ballroom

After the ceremony, we moved back into the library (also known as the member’s lounge). Folks also hung out on the terrace for drinks and appetizers until it was time to move into the Venetian Ballroom for dinner and dancing. I shot some fun dance parties in 2021, but Covid certainly put a damper on that aspect of weddings. This dance party was a great one. You know it is good when you have folks dripping with sweat and the awesome DJ gets on the dance floor.

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