Mash up of 5 Brazil Room Weddings

The Brazilian Room or The Brazil Room (same place) is an affordable and centrally located wedding venue in Tilden Park.  It is spitting distance from the Regional Parks Botanical Gardens. The Botanical Gardens are free to enter and beautiful. You should utilize them if you have a wedding at the Brazil Room. The Redwood Valley Railway steam trains are also close. They are a fun place to take kids or your wedding guests. Additionally, there are epic views of the Bay Area coming to and from the Brazil Room.  

The funny thing about this venue is that they pack in a lot of weddings.  They typically do 2 weddings a day there. Therefore, weddings will be first thing in the morning, or that you will be setting up for your evening wedding as the morning wedding is just leaving.  You can opt to book the whole day but it seems that most people choose to just book one of the 7-hour slots.  The quick turn around also means that you pretty much have to use a caterer from their shortlist of approved people.  Over the years, I have shot at the Brazil Room a couple of times, but in 2016 I was fortunate enough to photograph 5 weddings there. Here are a few shots from each of those 5 weddings.

5 Brazil Room Weddings:

Mahvish and Zeeshan got ready at the Berkeley City Club. That place is really beautiful. They had their wedding outside on the patio of the Brazil Room.

Sarah and Liron got ready in the Berkeley Marin before heading over to the Regional Park Botanical Gardens for their Ketubah signing. They had their ceremony in on the patio, with dinner and dancing inside.

Keeley and Michael got ready at a hotel in Emeryville. They had their ceremony at the Regional Park Botanical Gardens (there is an extra fee to hold a ceremony there). After the ceremony, they took all of their guests for a ride on the Redwood Valley Railway steam trains and then went to the Brazil room dinner and dancing.

Melissa and Dan had an early start and preferred to not do getting ready pics. They did a Jewish wedding ceremony out on the Brazil Room patio. They had lawn games set up after the wedding for kids and adults. Melissa and Dan gave out one of the coolest wedding favors ever… mugs with pictures of their cat on it.

Sandra and Mime got ready together with a few friends at their house in Oakland. They live in the same apartment as a previous wedding couple I worked with. What a funny coincidence. They did their ceremony inside the Brazil Room because it was fairly cool when they got married.

Check out Fernando and Karen’s Brazil Room wedding for some more cool photos from this venue.

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