Zelda Turns One

My daughter, Zelda, turned one last month.  She was born at home, in our bathroom. She burst into our lives with so much sweetness and feistiness.  I was so astounded that she was a girl. I really thought we would be having a second boy.  A completely different creature than her brother, I am so curious to see how her personality will evolve.  It is crazy how frustrating, exhausting, difficult and at the same time wonderful, joyful, and full of love my kids can be.  They are such great teachers.  I am amazed by how much love I feel for them.  On Ellis’ first birthday, we gave him a cake and sang to him.  He cried.  He did not crush the cake.  Zelda, on the other hand, went whole hog into her cake(s).  And when our friends and family sang happy birthday to her, she squealed with delight.

We had a pretty fantastic birthday weekend with her.  On the anniversary of her birth, Zelda got her first cupcake.  She obliterated it.

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