Roberts Regional Recreation Wedding

Roberts Regional Recreation Area – a lack luster name, but a sweet spot in Oakland for Laura and John’s super DIY wedding. Roberts Regional is super close to San Francisco and Oakland, but feels like you are in a secluded redwood grove far from the city. When Laura initially contacted me, she was looking to … Read more

100 Images from 2014

2014 was full of adventures, great people, and an awesome Bay Area wedding or two. I had people close to me die, watched friends bring babies into the world, and went on exciting adventures. In my personal and professional life, I strive to be better. I focus on the stuff that counts, stay open to … Read more

DIY Oakland German Tourist Club Wedding

Alice and Chris had a wonderful, super DIY Oakland German Tourist Club wedding. Their budget was tiny for a wedding, but they pulled it off. They knew they wanted great photos and a super fun party with their friends.   They had a pot luck dinner, ipod DJ, pitchers of mixed drinks, and cold beer … Read more

Jack London Square Wedding in Oakland

Kaisha and Dylan’s Jack London Square wedding was fantastic. Kaisha was stunning, evocative, and gorgeous. What an inspiring person.  Dylan was master of the dance floor – boy can that man get down.  They were great to be around.   I suggested that we take pictures in the produce packing district near Jack London Square.  A … Read more

Mill’s Chapel Wedding and District Restaurant Reception

Kate and Simon had a morning wedding ceremony at the Chapel in Mill’s College, and their reception at the District restaurant in Old Oakland. There are all sorts of couples out there.  Really all sorts of people.  It is so interesting to see how people interact with one another, how they celebrate, what kind of … Read more

Chill Pizzaiolo Wedding in Oakland

Sarah and Liam had a sweet Pizzaiolo wedding in Oakland. The food and environment at Pizzaiolo demand a certain degree of chill. The cocktail “hour” melts into dinner. Dinner is a multi course leisurely affair. There were speeches, toasts, and lots of killer deserts. People danced and ate and drank. The weddings I have shot … Read more

Designer Pizzaiolo Wedding in Oakland

Erica and Alex had a designer Pizzaiolo wedding in the Temescal district of Oakland on 9-10-11. Pizzaiolo is so pretty inside and out. The food is incredible, and it is such a fun place to shoot. Erica was a super excited about getting married on 9-10-11, because she would be able to flex her design … Read more

Dunsmuir Estate Wedding in Oakland

The Dunsmuir Hellman Historic Estate in Oakland, CA is a sweet spot for a wedding. It features a large Victorian house, green lawns, and wooded areas close by. There are also several small buildings on the property for getting ready and stashing supplies. Ben and Stacey got ready off site in Oakland and then traveled … Read more