Hot Ru’s Farm Wedding in Healdsburg

Even on this sweltering day in June, Sarah and John kept it cool at their toasty Ru’s Farm wedding. Sometimes everything just comes together in beautiful harmony.  Sarah and John’s swelteringly hot wedding at the gorgeous Ru’s Farm in Healdsburg was one of these events where there was near perfect flow.  Have I mentioned that … Read more

An Epic Saline Valley Wedding. Part 3.

The aftermath. So much pork, and love, and goodness.  The two days after our Saline Valley wedding, people packed up and started the long journey home.  A few friends and family members remained.  On Monday my sister, Sam from New York, Alex, Pepper (Alex’s mom), and I went on a crazy hike. I hadn’t realized I had been wanting … Read more

An Epic Saline Valley Wedding. Part 2.

Figuring out the ceremony. Good intentions. Leading up to our Saline Valley wedding celebration, Loretta and I had good intentions of working on what we would say to one another. We thought about how we would structure our ceremony.  Before we left for our desert camping wedding adventure we chatted with people and did a bit of research. … Read more

An Epic Saline Valley Wedding. Part 1.

The lead up. A little history. Each year I trek into the desert with my partner, Loretta. We were just a few months into our relationship when I first dragged her out to Saline Valley hot springs. When Loretta was pregnant and our kids were infants, we still went out. We usually go for about … Read more