“…Gabriel’s MAGIC is not only in his excellence as a technical photographer but also in his amazing personality, which is both FUNNY AND CALMING. A+, would recommend to anyone.” -David + Kate

“…Gabriel is serious about what he does; he’s a consummate professional, but also KNOWS HOW TO MINGLE AND BRING OUT THE BEST IN PEOPLE. I would definitely recommend Gabriel for any event. We will definitely cherish our wedding photos for years to come!” -Heather + Harpreet

“His photos are BEAUTIFUL, ARTISTIC,  and capture all the key moments.  He’s also pleasant to be around, easygoing, and won’t keep you for hours on end to take posed photos when you’d rather be mingling with your guests.” -Adam + Christy

“…He has a true skill of capturing the most intimate moments, the FUNNY AND/OR RIDICULOUS MOMENTS that you didn’t think anyone else noticed, and genuinely CAPTURES THE EMOTIONS AND ENERGY of the event with his photography. -Spencer + Shira

“…ONE OF THE BEST DECISIONS WE MADE for our wedding (besides marrying each other, of course), and CAN’T RECOMMEND HIM HIGHLY ENOUGH to others.” – Nick + Jessica

“…Gabriel is DISARMING AND QUIRKY in all the right ways. He never gives you any reason to doubt that he knows exactly what he’s doing.” -Nathan + Jeni

“…HUMBLE, FUN-LOVING, GUY who makes everyone feel insanely comfortable….GABRIEL’S AMAZING and if you’re considering booking him, stop considering and do it already. He’ll capture the best memories of your life.” -Kristen + Lauren

“… He nailed all of the moments, captured lots of GREAT PORTRAITS and other cool minutiae too. He’s such a DOWN TO EARTH and approachable guy with artistic flare. HIRE THIS MAN! -Willy and Erin

“…Gabriel has an INNATE ABILITY TO CAPTURE BEAUTIFUL, CANDID SHOTS… is EASY GOING, FULL OF STORIES, AND ADAPTABLE. He was super fun to have as our photographer; our guests came up to us many times throughout the night to underscore that fact.” -Rachel + Kevin