Spring Ranch Wedding in Mendocino

Amanda and Dylan’s Spring Ranch wedding in Mendocino was beautiful, and so fun.  Spring Ranch is a sister property to the SSS Ranch in Calistoga, and equally stunning. The area is super atmospheric. You hear nearly the constant sounds of crashing waves and wind. The landscape is dotted with old Victorians, warm bakeries, rolling hills and winding roads. Mendocino leaves one feeling recharged, at peace, and contented.  Amanda and Dylan had a great sense of humor, and so easy to work with.  When the videographers got their Prius stuck in the parking lot, we rallied a group of guests to push it out.  The sky was epic the day and night of the wedding. The food was excellent, and I had the great pleasure of working with Madeline Hurst from Fern Foot Events.  So much goodness all around.

Spring Ranch Wedding Portrait
Wedding Landscape
Spring Ranch Wedding
Spring Ranch Wedding

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