Trojan Point Ceremony and Greens Reception

Molly and Jake’s Trojan Point wedding ceremony was bursting with heart.  After the ceremony we travelled back to Fort Mason to the restaurant, Greens.  The staff there was absurdly nice, and the food exquisite.  Elizabeth Clayton, of Lowe House Creative, made sure that all the details of the day were taken care of.  Natalie of Belle Flower did the floral arrangements.  Molly made the chocolate chip cookies.

Molly and Jake started planning a big wedding. Somewhere in the process, they realized they were not planning the wedding that they wanted. They shifted their focus, and started doing what felt right to them.  Location was imports. They wanted to get married somewhere hilly with beautiful views.  Small felt good. Bringing a small group of friends and family together was enough.  

I got to Fort Mason to catch the shuttle to Trojan Point on Mount Tam. The shuttle was a yellow school bus.  With smiles on our faces, we all boarded.  Jake did roll call – just like a school field trip.  Once we arrived at Trojan Point for their intimate wedding, and walked out to the point. We were greeted by views of Marin, San Francisco, and the Pacific Ocean.  The cool breeze balanced the warmth of the day.  It was a beautiful, intimate, and personal wedding.  I feel so honored to have been apart of it.  Congrats Molly and Jake!

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