A Beautiful Foggy Point Reyes Elopement

Taylor and Ben’s Intimate Foggy West Marin Elopement at North Beach in Point Reyes

Taylor and Ben’s foggy Point Reyes elopement at the beginning of November was stunning. As seems to be the case lately, the plans for this wedding were flexible. Even up to the day of the wedding, things were evolving and being solidified. Given the uncertainty in the world and ever-changing guidelines, I think this is just the way of things right now.

The original plan was to have a small gathering with family at the Olema House for a short ceremony followed by fried chicken and drinks. Unfortunately, the Olema House flooded, and Taylor and Ben had to figure out a new plan. They found a place right up the road, and we came up with a rough plan for the ceremony. We would meet at North Beach in Point Reyes (they allow dogs), find a spot and do a quick ceremony there, and then drive back to the Druid’s Cottage in Olema. We would stop and take pictures on the way back and I would finish with some images at the cottage.

North Beach Ceremony

On the way to the ceremony location, a few miles west of Inverness, I hit a thick bank of fog. A few miles further along, I pulled into the parking lot where I was planning on meeting Taylor and Ben for their ceremony. The wind was blowing hard, waves were crashing on the beach, and there was a lot of fog. I scouted a ceremony location a bit away from the beach and the roar of the ocean in a spot that seemed a little protected from the wind. Then I retreated to my car and waited. About 30 minutes after our scheduled meeting time, Taylor, Ben, and their families pulled into the parking lot. I was thankful to know I hadn’t been waiting in the wrong place. We conferred about the ceremony location and agreed that the spot I had scouted would be great.

As we walked over the ice plants to the ceremony spot, Ben asked me if I had been in Death Valley the previous year. He said that he had met someone out there with earrings like mine who was with a kid and a dog. In a small world moment, we realized that we had actually met last year at my favorite hot spring spot in Death Valley.

Family Portraits at the Beach

Our daylight was limited and our initial plan to do family portraits at the Olema House was not possible. After a quick discussion post-ceremony, we decided to do portraits in the same spot. The fog was stunning, and because the sun was low in the sky, the light cutting through was beautiful.

Couple Portraits at the Cypress Tree Tunnel and Overlooking Schooner Bay

In the parking lot at North Beach, we came up with a rough plan. Taylor, Ben, and I would stop off at the Cypress Tree Tunnel and at the bridge overlooking Schooner Bay and Drakes Estero. I had shot at this bridge some years back and knew it was an epic spot. The family would make their way back to the cottage and we would meet there for drinks.

Drinks at the Druid’s Hall

Several of the family members went up to Inverness Ridge for sunset and came to the cottage after we had been there for a little bit. Taylor and Ben popped some champagne and did some toasts before I made my way home.

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