Fantastic California Coast Wedding at Oz Farm

If you are looking to get married at a magical wedding venue on the California Coast, Oz Farm is one of the best places around. Oz Farm is located just north of Point Arena on the Mendocino coast. It is also fairly close to the town of Mendocino, and just 2 hours from the airport in Santa Rosa. I love shooting in Mendocino, but I know that many venues can be windy and cold (which can have a romance of its own). One of the great things about Oz Farm is that it is located just inland enough so that you are insulated from much of the wind and fog.

Finding accommodations in Mendocino can be difficult. The area only has the capacity for so many wedding guests each weekend. With limited rentals and hotels, finding a venue where your guests can stay onsite is a rare find. It is also super cool to be able to sleep the majority of your guests on the property where you are having your wedding. Another benefit of Oz Farm is that it can sleep a good number of people. Besides the weather and the sleeping situation on site, it is just a gorgeous place to get married. I am always stoked when I get to shoot there.

Fiona and Elijah’s wedding at Oz Farm was one wild party. Fiona didn’t want to plan a wedding, and pretty much told Elijah that if he wanted to have a big wedding, she was down, but he would have to plan it. So he did.

Mellow Pre-Wedding Getting Ready Vibes

People often utilize the domes at Oz Farm for getting ready, but Fiona and Elijah used the upper level of the main barn. While I love the domes, the downside is that they are a short drive from the main area on the farm. It was nice having all the action in one place at this wedding. Getting ready moments at were mellow, which was kind of the theme of the day. Once Fiona and Elijah were dressed, we did some quick family photos, and then people gathered for beers and a little social time before the wedding.

Barefoot Wedding Ceremony in the Redwoods and Food Tuck Dinner

After a short and very sweet ceremony in the redwood grove, folks grabbed drinks and finger food for a casual cocktail hour. Pilon Kitchen is based in Ukiah, which is just 45 miles from Oz Farm. They served up a mean plate of beans, rice, protein, and a good salad out of their rad-looking food truck for dinner. After we ate, the light was looking super nice so Fiona, Elijah, and I did a quick walk around the farm for some couple portraits.

Portraits Around Oz Farm

After we some dinner, Fiona, Elijah, and I went for a walk around the farm. We didn’t go far. You don’t need to go very far to find beautiful backdrops and sweet landscapes. I try to keep my portrait sessions short; just long enough for some fun and a little recharge before returning to the party.

An Unstoppable Party: Beer Pong, Push Ups, and More Partying

Hiring a great DJ can make the party at your wedding. Fiona and Elijah know their friends would be tearing up the dance floor. They hired Golden Bell Music and these guys kept the party going all night. I was having so much fun, I stayed way late. The DJs did too. Besides the unstoppable dancefloor, guests played beer pong outside and had a late-night pushup contest. These are the moments at a wedding that you will never forget. For this wedding, I set up a photo station. And the action in my photo station was hot. I love it when people utilize the photo booth at a wedding.

To sum it up, if you are looking for a sweet venue in Mendocino where you can sleep a lot of wedding guests, get married in the redwoods, party all night, take pictures in an orchard, and have a kitchen to make brunch on Sunday morning, check out Oz Farm. It has all of this and so much more. I was so stoked to spend these special moments here celebrating with Fiona and Elijah. What an unforgettable love fest.

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