Victorian Mad Hatter Garden Wedding in Atherton

I did a little happy dance when Ella and Chris told me about their vintage inspired Victorian, Mad Hatter, Alice in Wonderland themed wedding. They were doing their wedding in Ella’s grandparents backyard garden.  So stoked to get dressed up and shoot their extraordinary wedding.

Ella’s mother insisted on bee’s wax candles, which perfumed the dining area with their sweet aroma.  Ella and her mom scoured yard sales, estate sales, and thrift stores for months before their wedding, collecting assorted vintage plates and saucers.  The instruction to their florist from Flora Grubb, was to make the flower arrangements fun, weird, and a little creepy.  The flowers were amazing.  The appetizers, from Le Papillon, were like little pieces of art.  Lowe House Creative rocked the event coordination.  My buddy Hardy Wilson shot the extravaganza with me and we couldn’t help but dust off some fancy pants and dashing duds for the big event.

At one point in the evening, I found myself chatting with one of the guests, and I asked him what kind of work he did.  He said he said his father was a clown (one of my secret dream jobs) and that he was training to be a clown himself.  Of course… a clown. A perfect fit for a Victorian Mad Hatter themed wedding.

Once the dancing began, the energy and joy that Ella and Chris shared with their guests flowed onto the dance floor, and the celebration rolled into the night.


  1. Michael Sasser- Denver Senior Photographer says:

    wow this is one stylish wedding! You captured it so beautifully.

  2. Lorraine Robles says:

    Wow!!!! That was the best wedding. Everyone had so much fun. The pictures capture all the emotions exactly correct! Let’s do it again so Indigo can see it…

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