Intimate Rainy Point Bonita Lighthouse Wedding

This was my first time shooting a Point Bonita Lighthouse wedding. It is perched on the edge of the coast overlooking the Pacific. The Lighthouse is in the Marin Headlands, and has a great view of San Francisco. This spot is so stunning.

EJ and Tim were wonderfully sweet.  There were 13 people at this wedding.  I like small gatherings. Once everyone was dressed and ready, we got on a motorized trolly and headed to Golden Gate Park, and then over the Golden Gate Bridge to the Point Bonita Lighthouse.  

It was raining for about half the day, but the rain seemed to magically stopped for us as soon as we got to the lighthouse. The wind was blowing and waves were crashing on the rocks below us, and EJ and Tim walked hand and hand down to the point.  Tim’s mother officiated the marriage ceremony.  Her joy was infectious.  I felt super stoked to be able to capture this special moment in EJ and Tim’s lives. From Bonita Point, we progressed to Flour and Water, in San Francisco, for an amazing multi hour meal.

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