Delightful Pelican Inn Wedding and Muir Beach Wedding

Emrie and Matt had a delightful Muir Beach wedding ceremony and Pelican Inn wedding reception. Muir Beach and the Pelican Inn are just over the hill from Mill Valley, and a short drive from San Francisco. It is closer than Stinson Beach and equally stunning. The Pelican Inn is a wonderful, character rich, English Pub with a small handful of rooms. The dark wood, and low ceilings make for a super cozy gathering. There are lots of little nooks and hang out spaces around the property. If the fog rolls in or the wind begins to blow, you can take shelter inside and enjoy a pint of ale or cup of tea. I was so stoked to come back to this favorite spot to celebrate with Emrie and Matt.

Emrie and Matt were delightful to photograph at their Pelican Inn wedding. Their families were a riot. So much fun.


  1. Super duper awesome. I LOVE these photos. I can’t wait to see the rest. Thanks so much for doing such a great job. You added to the fun of the day. – The sister

  2. Kimberly Wyatt says:

    Gabriel, Thank-you for developing and sharing your gift. I’m so glad we had you as the photographer for Emrie and Matt’s wedding. You obviously saw the moments that carried the emotion and energy of the day, and you caught them beautifully on film. Thank-you, thank-you. thank-you. Can’t wait to see the rest….Emrie’s Mom

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