100 Images from 2014

2014 was full of adventures, great people, and an awesome Bay Area wedding or two. I had people close to me die, watched friends bring babies into the world, and went on exciting adventures. In my personal and professional life, I strive to be better. I focus on the stuff that counts, stay open to new things, and work hard to get sh** done. Sharing food, laughing, and being surrounded by joy is a true gift. Thank you to all the people invited me to join them on their days of celebration.

The Quick Lowdown of Some of the Venue’s I Worked This Year:

This year I shot at the Merchant’s Saloon in downtown Oakland before a wedding. The Merchant’s Saloon is an old school working class joint that smells like stale beer, and welcomes all good hearted people. Point Bonita Lighthouse in the Marin Headlands is a sweet spot. They have limited times when you can do weddings there and can only accommodate small groups. The same sex wedding I shot there was beautiful and heartfelt.

The Stinson Beach Community Center wedding I shot was great. Thanks Stinson Beach for having a pretty cool community center. Ardenwood Farm is nice. A little spread out, but great architecture and lots of green space. Ramekins Culinary School in Sonoma is another good spot. I really want to shoot at the General’s Daughter next door.

Toby’s Feed Barn in Point Reyes Station is a great spot. I love Point Reyes and West Marin. The wedding at the Feed Barn was off the chain. The Pelican Inn is another favorite spot of mine. Was so stoked to shoot there. Jacuzzi Winery is beautiful, and nicely situated in Sonoma. The Blue Victorian wedding I did in Fairfield was made great by the awesome couple and their fun families. I also shot a handful of weddings at San Francisco City Hall and other spots around the bay.

Here are 100 images from last year. I had a ton of fun making them. Most of these pics are awesome Bay Area wedding images, but I threw a few fantastic family portraits in as well.

Wedding Couple at the Merchant's Saloon in Downtown Oakland
Awesome same sex wedding at the Point Bonita Light House in the Marin Headlands
Epic San Francisco Bay Area Engagement Shoot
Awesome Bay Area Wedding Portrait in Oakland
Awesome Toby's Feed Barn Wedding Portrait
Ardenwood Farm Wedding Party Portrait
Pelican Inn Bridal Portrait with horse walking in front
Pelican Inn Wedding Ceremony
Pelican Inn Wedding Cake Cutting

Thanks so much for checking out my work. Hope you love it. Here are my 100 images from 2013.

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