Kid Filled Oakland Nature Friends Wedding

The Oakland Nature Friends is a funny, old school venue that you might have never heard of. Nature Friends is associated with the German Tourist Club in Mill Valley. Both places are run by volunteers, and they both put on seasonal events. They are funky and charming. If you are looking for an affordable spot to do a DIY wedding, this might be the place you are looking for.

Maggie and David’s wedding was filled with laughter and tears, fancy socks, bow ties, and colorful dresses.  Wine spilled on a shirt and someone fell off a bench and rested on the ground.  There was intense heat coming off the ground by the end of the day, and the sunset over the City was stunning. Kids ran here and there as their parents danced past bedtimes.  Maggie and David’s wedding was all of this set against the background of the Oakland Nature Friends Clubhouse.  It was a day was full of sweetness.  Congrats Maggie and David.

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